Fans?! Why didn’t I think of that! The noise was crazy though. I really wanted to LOVE this resort. But I’d still give anything to be in a noisy room at Disney World than stuck at an office!

It depends on what you mean by a “workable solution”. If workable means beneficial for city revenue and people who depend on that revenue, then obviously things are workable now.But why would fewer lights be nice? What methodology are you using to determine where lights should and should not go?

Non tutti i temi per blogspot hanno la funzione WYSYWYG e se Paolo non può modificare il tema non può aggiungere alcun pulsante.In compenso l'html è attivo e c'è evidenziato un link grande come una casa su come inserire l'apposito tag HTML (per chi non lo conoscesse).Un pò di impegno , dai....

Merci d’être ce que vous êtes!!Spontanément je dirais que tout ce qui touche vraiment la personne peut être thérapeuthique.. mais votre texte prouve aussi votre sensiilité, votre intelligence du coeur…. votre patience et écoute à l’autre!De bien belles qualités en vérité … et dommage à dire mais pas si fréquentes dans notre monde surtout chez les hommes (devrais-je dire chez les Yang??)Bonne journée et au plaisir de lire vos chroniques….

Oh my gosh, I still can’t believe you felt so bad about that! I mean, seriously, it’s true, it was totally Thursday night. You have a valid point, too- what’s up with link-ups starting the night *before*…Monday Listicles does that too sometimes. Your comment was totally funny, so please stop apologizing! xoStephanie recently posted…

Cute Design it is very simple without a roof i wonder what it is the roofing style of that particular house. The stairs is also simple but elegant. Very nice work.

HiItaly is a lovely place to visit. My daughter loved the shoes and wants me to tke here back there to get some. We took her to Italy 2 years ago and this loved it espcially the various ice creams!Glad you had a relaxing holiday we all need them now and again.

Use essential oils in your candles. I buy mine from local Metaphysical stores or online. Oils that are more pure are best & don’t leave residue behind after the candle burns.

Stunning as always! I think the color combo suits you and the the red shoes and headwear are delightful surprises. The lace with jewels and pearls in close up made my Friday morning. Thank you!I adore your intellect and sense of humor and your writing never disappoints. I am an ardent fan!

JosepjHi guys, I followed the advice above regarding installing a new SD card.I booted into recovery, backed up, inserted the new card, partitioned it, copied the clockwork mod backup folder, did a restore then rebooted. But now the phone is stuck on the s-off ‘Why so serious’ screenany advice?Joe