how come these awards were organised in a rush its a gd idea but nxt time prepare inadvance to reach out to other zambians in the uk seems it was an awards ceremony 4 zambians living in london not in the uk homework 4 u

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I'm subscribed to over 500 channels...this new layout makes it impossible to easily keep up with everyone's content. Two updates ago it wasn't a problem to get what I wanted out of the front page. At least I can still go to the subscription page until that gets redesigned or removed all together, right?

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Ouch >.< That is a shame, since it’s a great figure. I wish I could tell you it’ll be an easy figure to pick up, but last I checked, she was going for over 15k yen on Yahoo Japan auctions. Hopefully Volks will re-issue her at one of the upcoming conventions and a proxy service like Tokyo Hunter will offer her.

I can’t imagine being that close to that water. I look at your blog often. Thanks for keeping us up to date with the pictures. I am waiting till you open to get all my plants. Yours are the best! Enjoy the IU graduation. We did that two years ago. Be careful and we can’t wait to drive out there.

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When I first moved to San Jose, I tried using the light rail to get to work, and if you weren't a spot-on nine-to-fiver, forget it! Get to the station closest to my house after 7PM, and there were no connecting busses. So, add the cost of a cab ride anytime I worked late, and I was far better off to drive.-jcr

Det bedste ved julen er al den ekstra hygge og sÃ¥ al den ekstra gode mad og alle julesmÃ¥kagerne….OG risengrød (som er den bedste SU mad, men som vi herhjemme bliver liiidt trætte af nÃ¥r julen er ovre, da vi spiser det alt for meget) :)Hilsen Charlotte