Lovely pics of your hols.WE enjoyed the ceremony too. My 15-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son sat with their mum and dad all Friday evening which is unheard of.And they loved every minute.What a genius Danny Boyle is.

<3 Kärlek till Elisabeth och hennes familj!! Vilka kämpar allihopa! Inte främst älskade Elisabeth, vila i frid och vaka över dina nära och kära!

GMP: we've been through this , the first time seasteading came to the notice of MM. My point then, as now, is that progressives don't shoot first and ask questions later. They love talk and they love procedures. No conflict! More work for oh-so-many! In this case, a already exists. Huzzah.

Congrats on the new badge! That one's pretty snazzy. I LOVED the pictures of the have I not noticed this phenomena before??? IF I see any good ones,I'll send them your way. The red, white and blue couple get my patriotic vote.

Great to see you looking your best and on the cover! But u really should be in the top mags, cause all others pale compared to you! But well done!

Morocco is an awesome destination! Is it a place you’ve been itching to go to for the longest time, or spur-of-the-moment trip?Wala lang.. it’s not a destination that most people would go to, at least from Asia, pero cool!

Posted on Fast undrar när det kan tänkas vara lanseringsdags? Och vilka villkor som kommer att gälla? Har du något bra tips på var man kan läsa mer om det, eller är det bara att vänta? (är så kass på att vara tålmodig

oh boy, did you curl up behind my couch and spy on me all week? Watch the way you talk indeed! I love that you brought this up and that your heart was pricked to change. Mine has been too after reading this.I want to watch the way I talk… cos sometimes it aint all that pretty and usually directed at the man I chose to spend eternity with… lucky him right? love the toddler cuteness added for enphasis lol. WHo would want to say anything harsh to that lil cutie?xo

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The Pakistan conspiracy theories are absolute nonsense and deserve to be treated as pure drivel.With Antulay, it is a little different. He agrees that Karkare and colleagues were killed by Pakistani terrorists. He is questioning whether some traitors within set up these brave officers. This is something that needs to be probed in an unbiased manner.